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When should you seek Physio help?

When should you seek Physio help?

The fall is a great time to get back to that fitness, exercise or training program you put on hold for the summer. It is also, irnoically the time when a number of injuries happen.

Often when getting back into working out or training, something just doesn’t feel right. There’s often a little tweak of pain you notice or some muscle soreness that just won’t go away.

Should you stop what you are doing? Or should you go see someone about it? Often, we think a little rest, a day or two off will fix whatever is going on. Sadly, often the rest does nothing and as soon as you get back to the activity again, exercise or training, that niggling tweak and / or pain comes right back.  Sound familiar?

So, how long should you wait before you see someone about it? Probably not long. The pain or discomfort usually happens for a reason. It could be an old injury that was never rehabbed properly (we all do that), it could be bio mechanical, it could be caused by an imbalance or a simple as changing your shoe.

When should you seek Physio help?

Regardless of what caused the pain or discomfort, it shouldn’t be happen, it’s not normal. Getting yourself in to see a professional who can evaluate your condition is a must do.  They can give you a sound plan towards full recovery or correcting an imbalance.  This will not only make you feel better (and pain free) but will also allow you to continue your activity with the knowledge that there isn’t a bigger issue just waiting to rise.

Still not sure if you should see someone? We offer a free, 15 minute screen.  Book Online Now or call one of the clinics ( Duncan or South Cowichan ). Working together, we know our professionals can get you moving and feeling better.

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