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What is a Scoliosis?

What is a Scoliosis ?

A scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. Certain sections of the spine are bent sideways as well as rotated. 80-90% of all scoliosis have no known cause and are called idiopathic scoliosis. They are often diagnosed before a child’s growth spurt just before puberty. Scoliosis changes the shape of the spine. It can cause pain and problems with mobility and function.

What are the treatment options?

While severe cases of scoliosis may require surgery, most mild to moderate cases can be treated with scoliosis specific exercises using the Schroth Method developed by Katharina Schroth (a scoliosis patient herself) in Germany. The Schroth treatment program teaches the patient specific exercises for their curvatures, postural correction and corrective breathing techniques. The goals of the therapy are to slow down or stop the progression of the curvature, decrease pain and improve respiration.

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Physiotherapy can help

If you have a scoliosis, appointments are available with physiotherapist Brigitte Bauer to assess your condition and discuss an appropriate plan for treatment. Brigitte is a certified Schroth Therapist. She was trained at the Asklepios Katharina-Schroth-Klinik in Bad Sobernheim, Germany. She returns there periodically to refresh her skills and to ensure that she remains current with new developments in the field of scoliosis treatment.

If you suffer from a a scoliosis, why not talk to your Physio today to see how we can help!

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