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What Is Holistic Nutrition?

What Is Holistic Nutrition ?

Holistic Nutrition is an integrated approach to health and the study of using food, nutrients, lifestyle and environment therapeutically to help bring the body back to a place of balance and vitality. It embodies evolution, culture, science and lifestyle to understand the true nature of human beings and what we need to be “healthy”.

There is a wisdom and knowing of the body that is powerful and instinctual and through disconnection this wisdom gets quiet. The study of holistic nutrition uses evidence based science as well as traditional knowledge to understand all aspects of the human body.

The word holistic means whole and as a holistic nutritionist I have training and knowledge in western nutrition as well as a background in Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine and Herbal medicine to provide me with a well rounded scope in which to look through when assessing your health concerns. There is always more to the picture of health then the zoomed in lens we tend to look through. Holistic nutrition sees you, your story, your symptoms, your body, your mind and spirit as ONE to offer you true healing.


Working in a functional model allows me to focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of dis-ease. Each symptom may be one of many that are contributing to an individual’s ailment. The cause of dis-ease is a make up of various factors: genetics, lifestyle and environment. Only treatments that are directed at the root cause will have long lasting benefit. Do you feel like you
know what to eat but can’t figure out how to implement it in an unrestrictive way. Implementing change is 80% of the battle, let me coach you on how to have long lasting, sustainable change.


I say this every day, “You and I are 99.99% genetically identical, but when it comes to the 4lbs of microbes that live in our gut, we are 90% different!” This is just one of the reasons that not all diets work for everyone. One of the advantages to working with a nutritionist is receiving very specific protocols for you as an individual. We are all so unique that focus and attention must be put into how we blend into this world. It is my job to decipher what makes you you. What are your tastes? What does your life, budget, preferences look like? I want to help you truly understand your body and the symptoms it is experiencing so you can take a lead seat in your health journey.

What Can Holistic Nutrition Help With ?

– Gas
– Bloating
– Nausea
– Headaches
– Brain fog
– Fatigue
– Skin issues
– Weight problems
– Women’s health
– Irregular periods
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Mental disorders
– Autoimmune conditions
– Sleep issues
– Stress management
– Eating disorders

I have a special focus on women’s health including pregnancy, pre and post natal, child nutrition and mental health and optimizing digestion.

Written by:

Brooklyn BelangerBrooklyn Belanger, Nutritionist | Thrive Now Physio

Clinical Holistic Nutritionist


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