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TOP 5 Reasons to Try TELEHEALTH Physiotherapy!

Here are the TOP 5 reasons you should try TELEHEALTH Physiotherapy:


5 Reasons to Try TELEHEALTH Physiotherapy

1. Come as you’d like…

Are you sick of putting on your “day” pajamas only to get into your “night” pajamas…well, we can be your reason to get dressed. However, jammies are welcome too. Come as you’d like!

2. Direct Billing Available

We know that many of you are struggling with tighter than normal cash flow in these challenging times. So, we are doing our best to make sure that finances are not a barrier to you receiving the treatment you need. We are happy to announce that we can direct bill many private health plans, WorkSafe BC, and ICBC claims.

3. You can do it alone or… get a family member involved!

During these days of social isolation, being cooped up inside with your partner and kids can wear you down! But what if we told you it’s not all bad news… what if you could train your spouse or partner on how to the massage that pesky sore spot in your neck or foot? Well… we can help you out with that! That’s the beauty of telehealth – we can teach BOTH of you at the same time. However, if you want that little bit of privacy, then this is the perfect excuse – sequester yourself in a separate room and tell them… “I’m going to physiotherapy!”

4. Social Connection

Maybe you’ve been craving chatting with someone else other than your dog, cat, or parakeet. It’s easy for anxiety and depression to creep in during times like these. So, this is an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation that is “purpose-driven” with a trusted healthcare professional who can help you craft strategies to get your body out of that social distancing slumber!

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5. Don’t Lose Your Gains from your previous Physiotherapy!

Probably one of the most important reasons to start your telehealth journey is to ensure that you keep up the progress you’ve made with all the previous weeks and months of physiotherapy you’ve been doing. We will keep you motivated, on track, and give you a plan for how to keep improving. We’ll even be launching a brand new online exercise software program as well… click here to learn more about Physitrack.

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Patrick JadanPatrick Jadan | Thrive Now Physio

Registered Physiotherapist, Co-Owner of Thrive Now Physiotherapy

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