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The 5 ways to tell when an injury needs physiotherapy

Over the past several weeks, I have discussed the two major reasons why injuries don’t heal on their own. If you missed these articles, they are here and here. This week I will outline the 5 major ways by which you can recognize whether or not the wait and see approach is appropriate.

Here they are:

  1. Constant pain – if your pain is always present, even at a low level of intensity chances are it will not disappear on its own.
  2. Severe pain longer than 3 days – if the inflammation stage of healing has passed and you are still experiencing pain, or severe pain, for half that time, then you should see your family doctor or physiotherapist as more serious damage may have occurred.
  3. Something has felt “different” since your injury – this seems like common sense, but many try to ignore this feeling. If things don’t feel right, chances are they aren’t.
  4. You are moving differently since your injury – sounds like a compensation doesn’t it? If you aren’t sure if this is you, then ask close family or a friend as they are likely to spot you walking, bending or reaching differently.
  5. Your pain is easily reproducible with a specific movement – this may look something like this: “every time I reach/bend/move this way I get pain”. Your injury has affected something very specific, and unless you want to avoid that particular movement for the rest of your life, get assessed!

5 ways to tell when an injury needs physiotherapy

Hopefully you now understand the importance of ensuring your injuries are following the appropriate timelines and how to recognize if your injury isn’t going to heal on its own. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the harder it will likely be to resolve your issue. If you have been putting off physiotherapy, then wait no longer and book an appointment today!

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Eric Ginter

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