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Stoko a Revolutionary way to move past Knee Pain

Stoko a Revolutionary way to move past Knee Pain

In the past 50 years there has been little change in the way knee braces are designed. They are bulky, can be hard to fit and can slide around while you are wearing them leaving you with support in all the wrong places. They can also feel heavy and restrictive making it hard to perform certain movements.

In order to combat this Stoko has created the K1s which are an ultra comfortable compression tight, that has medical- grade knee braces integrated directly into the fabric. Providing support from the waist to the calf the K1s have over 30 meters of high-strength cables that run from the waist band, down the legs and around the knees, anchored at the calves before looping back up to the waist band.

The cabling is positioned to move naturally with you and support your knee(s) when you need it most. By mimicking the natural support provided by your muscles and ligaments. Resulting in anatomically correct joint support that moves with you throughout your entire range of motion. The cables are 15 times stronger than steel when compared weight for weight. Providing you with 100% of the support of a traditional knee brace, while being 60% lighter and 13 times thinner.

Stoko K1 Knee Support Tight


  • 100% support of traditional knee braces
  • 60% lighter than a traditional knee brace
  • 13 times thinner when compared to a traditional brace
  • Medical grade knee bracing
  • Made from a comfortable innovated 3D knitted yarn, that is both breathable and high stretch.
  • The K1 tight is easy to use and lightweight and no one will know that you are wearing a supportive device
  • Registered by both Health Canada and the FDA as a class 1 medical device
  • Supportive laminations that lock the cables in place
  • Control dials that are conveniently located allowing you to adjust the support in each leg independently
  • Sustainable fabric with a technical knit for comfort
  • Machine washable

Stoko K1 Knee Support Tight in Race 

What to use them for:

Stoko’s tights are for anyone who wants to protect their knees, help prevent injury, promote recovery and more specifically to provide support for ligament instability in the knees.

The K1 tights can be used for almost any sport including running, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. In fact, Stoko is the official supplier to the Canadian national snowboard team.

One of my amazing colleges and friends recently completed a 52.2km adventure race while wearing the Stoko K1 tights. She had nothing but good things to say about her experience. The fabric was breathable, and lightweight she commented that they felt like any other high-end pair of leggings she owned.

The cables were not noticeable, and they were comfortable to run in. It was easy to adjust the level of compression even on the go and it could be customized to give you different support from the right to the left side.

It provided all the support of a traditional knee brace all while feeling like you were not wearing anything. For her the biggest difference she noticed was not while wearing the tights but after the race. She woke up the next day with next to no knee pain, a game changer in comparison to how she has felt after previous races of a similar length.

Stoko K1 Knee Support Tight Warranty


Every pair of Stoko tights is built to last and that’s why they come with a 1- year warranty.


Money back guarantee:

The Stoko tights come with a 30 day no questions asked return policy. Give them a shot get moving, get sweaty and if they are not for you. You can return them no questions asked.


Medical coverage:

The K1 tights are registered as a Class 1 Medical Device and is FDA approved. They are recommended by physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons who are looking for a more compliant knee brace. The K1 tights are reimbursable through health spending accounts or flex plans by all Canadian insures. As for general benefits plans, coverage is dependent on the insurer as benefit plans vary. However there have been many cases of reimbursements.

Many insurers require a description of the medical need for the product. Although there is no guarantee, having this described in the prescription can help with your claim process.

Some helpful tips for getting approved for reimbursement are:

Written By:

Katie Anderson | Thrive Now Physio

Katie Anderson

Registered Kinesiologist

Clinical Exercise Physiologist