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Smart CORE

What is it?

Smart CORE is an 8-week education and exercise program for those who are struggling with lower back pain AND those who may not have lower back pain but want to learn how to better strengthen and stretch their spine.

It involves:

2 Sixty-Minute EDUCATION Sessions:

  • Causes of lower back pain
  • Which structures get injured
  • Risk factors
  • Available treatments
  • The latest research for lower back exercises

14 Sixty Minute Small Group EXERCISE Sessions:

  • Led by a registered physiotherapist
  • Learn how to strengthen your core SAFELY
  • Learn how to stretch your body SAFELY
  • Learn SAFE lifting mechanics
  • Learn about proper sitting posture

What makes this program UNIQUE?

  • Every participant is screened to ensure they are safe to enter the program
  • Appropriate for those currently experiencing lower back pain
  • Will help you understand why you have back pain and how to prevent it
  • Based on the latest evidence about how to best manage back pain
  • Taught and supervised by a healthcare professional
  • Learn both strengthening AND stretching exercises
  • Requires minimal exercise equipment (so you can do the exercises at home too!)
  • Be supported through video resources so you can keep doing it upon program completion
  • Have a plan for how to manage your symptoms now and prevent them in the future!

Who teaches the program?

It is led by Physiotherapist Patrick Jadan, who is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Patrick has treated a wide range of back injuries throughout his career, ranging from professional athletes to seniors, and everyone in between!

How much does it cost?

The initial screening assessment is $85.

The group education and exercise classes are $35 each

The total cost for the 2 group, and 14 exercise classes is $560. Half of these fees, $280, will be collected at the first group education session. The remainder of the $280 will be collected after your 6th exercise class.

When does our next session start?

We will be only offering a limited number of spots, so please call our office at 250-743-3833 to learn about our updated session dates and book your spot!

Can I submit this as a "physiotherapy" session to my extended benefits?

YES! Because all sessions are led by a physiotherapist they can be submitted to your extended benefits provider for reimbursement as part of your physiotherapy coverage.

Can Thrive Now Physio direct bill my insurance provider?

We direct bill the majority of extended benefit plans. At your initial visit, we can determine whether this is possible.

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