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Products We Sell

At Thrive Now Physio, we carry a variety of products in-house to suit your rehabilitation and excercise needs. We are also able to order in any products suggested by our physiotherapists that we do not have in stock. The client will be responsible for shipping & handling costs due to being a special order.

Sissell Exercise Balls Thrive Now Physio

Sissell Exercise Balls

55cm $50.0065cm $55.00​

Hot/Cold Gel Ice Pack with Cover

7.5in x 10.25in $10.00

Hot/Cold Rice Pack with Variety of Patterned Covers


Variety of tape – sold by the roll

2 Inch Lightplast Tape $7.003 Inch Lightplast Tape $10.00Leukotape (brown) $10.00White Cover Roll Tape $8.00Athletic Tape $2.00

Exercise Banding and Tubing


Red, 5in Length $8.00Green, 5in Length $9.00Blue, 5in Length $10.00

Theraband Tubing

Red, 5in Length $9.00Green, 5in Length $10.00Blue, 5in Length $11.00

Foam Exercise Roller

3in x 18in $24.00

P3 All Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Cream

1oz $3.008oz $20.0060mL roll on $18.00

Tennis Elbow Cuff

One size $10.00

Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint, Sizes S/M/L


14in SitFit


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