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Rehabilitation from injury is a PARTNERSHIP.  Your physiotherapist works with you each session to ensure you make the best recovery possible, in the shortest amount of time.   We do this using a variety of treatment techniques (IMS, manual therapy, soft tissue release) but we also prescribe home exercises. These are a critical piece of the puzzle. Your job, as a client, is to use the educational tips and home exercises suggested by your therapist, to further your recovery between sessions.

As the pain diminishes, and your function improves, it is common for people to become “less engaged” in their rehabilitation process.  I find this usually occurs when clients are at about 80% recovery— they can do “most things” without pain, but are still working around their injury.   At this stage, a lot of clients feel their symptoms will “likely just get better”.   The problem with this theory is that unless you are pushing your body to progress, your body will not improve.  Imagine trying to run a marathon by not training, or trying to do the splits without stretching— you won’t get very far!!  Your body will only go as far as you push it.

So when your physiotherapist suggests a “tentative appointment”, one which you can book, and cancel if you don’t feel you need,  they are empowering YOU to make a decision regarding YOUR well-being and recovery.  Often, your symptoms have improved to where you no longer need assistance, and you can “finish the race” on your own.  But sometimes, that extra session is needed to completely loosen tight tissues, or to learn a harder set of exercises that will maximize your results.   The best way is to listen to your body, and take advantage of your partnership with your physio to “optimize your health”.

The physiotherapists at South Cowichan Physiotherapy are here for you.   Call today to book an appointment, and begin your journey to optimal health.

Written by:

Vince Avery | Thrive Now Physio


Co-Owner of South Cowichan Physiotherapy

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