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FCAMPT Mentorship and University of British Columbia Affiliation

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CAMPT: The Gold Standard of Physiotherapy

The Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (CAMPT) is a professional organization of physiotherapists who have completed post-graduate training in hands on therapy treatment techniques that meet the International Federation of Manipulative Physical Therapy (IFOMPT) standards.

Co-owners Vince Avery (left), Patrick Jadan (right)

Our co-owner, Vince Avery, is a Fellow of CAMPT. Read more about him here.

Vince offers free mentorship to physiotherapists who want to improve their patients’ lives, and be among the best in their field. This opportunity is what makes Thrive Now Physiotherapy a place you can truly sharpen your skills to become an expert in your field.

As outlined by CAMPT, you will further your knowledge and learn to:

  • Identify, understand, and treat a wide range of injuries and diseases
  • Use hands-on assessment and treatment techniques
  • Integrate research into assessment and treatment for consistent results
  • Think globally about injuries including what it does to function AND the impact on daily life
  • Think globally about disease. What led to the pain, what healing and recovery can be expected, how long healing will take, what the impact will be long term on joints, nerves, organs, balance, coordination, medications… and more
  • Perform joint manipulations as a treatment technique

Not only do we provide CAMPT-accredited mentorship, but Thrive Now is a UBC-affiliated teaching facility.

As outlined by UBC, your 30 weeks of clinical work provides hands-on learning and treatment of:

  • Acute and chronic disease management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Community health
  • Outpatient care
  • Musculoskeletal, cardio-respiratory, and neuromuscular therapy

This clinical placement is not only mandatory for students completing their Master’s in Physical Therapy (MPT), but for your overall career growth and contribution to your patients’ improved health.

In addition to FCAMPT Mentorship and UBC Placement, Thrive Now offers:

  • A guaranteed base salary for the first three months
  • The option to become an employee with Stat pay and holiday
  • Above Industry Compensation
  • Signing Bonus/Relocation or Travelling Allowance
  • Generous continuing education funding
  • Work/life balance with a manageable workload

To learn more about working for Thrive Now, check out our join page! Learn more about UBC student mentor, Patrick Jadan, and  apply today to thrive in your career as a physiotherapist

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