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At Thrive Now Physiotherapy, experience the best of: culture, lifestyle, and growth


Tight-Knit Team

Our team is solid and supportive. Whether it's collaborating on patient care, or unwinding together at a birthday barbecue, we stick together.

Community Involvement

We love to participate in community events, and help when things get tough, like during the pandemic. It brings us together, and lets the community know we have their back.


Modern Tech & Great Admins

We built a reliable “5 Step Plan” for patient care, and we use EMR (Electronic Medical Records), which means more time treating, less time waiting. Plus, our admin team is welcoming to clients, and efficient for you..


We provide the prestigious FCAMPT mentorship, generous education funding, and clinical placement for UBC students. Thrive also has strong ties with all the surgeons and physicians in the area, and offers multiple disciplines for a full career ahead.


Beautiful Island Life

It's rare to be able to work in paradise, but we do! Fresh and salt water, stunning mountains, lush hiking trails… we could go on.

Healthy Work/Life Balance

Our patients are encouraged to enjoy life, and so are you. We offer manageable workloads and hours, so you aren't missing out on the adventure that Cowichan Valley has to offer.

Thrive in your career

New Graduate

Are you a new graduate who is ready to launch your career? Our practitioners have diverse backgrounds, and many have been honing their craft for two decades. Our treatments stay ahead of the curve, and our mentorship makes your transition from school to clinic a seamless one, full of growth.

New Neighbour

Thinking of moving here? Cowichan Valley has abundant nature, cities nearby, great schools, and a bonded community. The Valley welcomes newcomers with open arms. In fact, a lot of our staff moved here from somewhere else, and they know how you feel! They're here to support.

New Change

Are you currently working in Victoria or a neighbouring city? Many Thrive staff have been here a long time, because they know they've found their work home. We may not be the first clinic you've worked at, but we could definitely be the last.

No matter what stage you're in, you care about your career, and you're ready for a change. Browse our postings below so you can start thriving.

Current Openings

We'll either figure out what's wrong with you and get it dealt with in the fewest number of sessions possible,


We'll quickly let you AND your physician know that your issue may be more serious and require further medical testing.

Sounds too good to be true?

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