What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology put simply is defined as the scientific study of human movement. The term comes from the Greek word “kinesis” which means “to move”.

What is a Kinesiologist?

A kinesiologist is a health professional who focuses specifically on correcting human movement through exercise. In order to become a kinesiologist, you need to have completed a four-year university degree in kinesiology or a related exercise specialty degree. Then, you are eligible to become registered with British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK).

What’s the difference between a Kinesiologist and a Personal Trainer?

Whereas a kinesiologist is required to possess a four-year bachelor’s degree, a personal trainer is required to attend several workshops and courses, which typically are of much shorter duration than a typical university degree. This difference in education level leads to differences in clinical practice. The in-depth training a kinesiologist possesses allows them to:

  • conduct a thorough assessment
  • have a greater ability to detect flaws in exercise technique
  • develop a more detailed exercise plan that takes into account a variety of variables such as a patient’s unique anatomy, and previous injuries

As a result of these differences, many extended health plans will cover visits to registered kinesiologists (see details below). Currently, no such coverage exists for personal training visits under any major health plan in Canada.

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What does a kinesiologist do?

A kinesiologist will work with you to help you achieve your goals through physical exercise. In this regard, the kinesiologist will work with you to develop, monitor, and progress an appropriate exercise plan. Your kinesiologist will focus first and foremost on ensuring you are completing your exercises with appropriate technique. This will help ensure you are staying free of injury and gaining the most possible benefit from each exercise.



Why should I see a kinesiologist?

All of us have felt the urge to get healthier at one point or another, and that often leads us to start exercising. It is easy to think, “how hard can it be?”. However, usually within a period of a few weeks or months, one of several things happen – you develop an injury, you don’t see results, or you fall off the bandwagon and lose motivation. This is where people often realize they need help. That’s where the kinesiologist comes in to help…

  • create a realistic and safe exercise PLAN
  • find any muscle imbalances through a detailed assessment
  • provide accountability by monitoring your progress
  • ensure your safety by correcting any faulty exercise techniques
  • continually motivating you by progressing your exercise plan, and


  • ensuring you are having fun and getting the results you want!

Can I see a kinesiologist if I am injured?

Yes! The in-depth training in human movement that a kinesiologist possesses prepares them to help you when you need it most. Whether it be a musculoskeletal injury, like shoulder tendonitis, or a more complex systemic issue like coronary artery disease, your kinesiolgist has the training to help ensure you can exercise safely. However, your kinesiologist will also reach out to other relevant healthcare providers, such as your physiotherapist, to help ensure that they are providing the best possible care.

What if I’m not injured, can I still see a kinesiologist?

Yes! Kinesiologists can treat you if…

  • you haven’t yet started exercising but want to start
  • you’re returning to exercising after a long period of being off from it
  • you’re currently exercising but just not seeing the results you want
  • you have a neurological condition, like Parkinson’s, and want to start exercising to improve your condition
  • you are pregnant and want to learn safe ways to exercise

Will my kinesiologist work with my other healthcare providers?

As mentioned above, after your initial assessment, your kinesiologist will reach out to any relevant healthcare professionals (physiotherapist, doctor, massage therapist) to ensure that they have the complete picture of how you move. This will help them provide you the best possible care.

Will my insurance company cover kinesiology?

Many extended health benefits providers now cover kinesiology services. Some examples of plans that do include:

  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Desjardins
  • Great West Life
  • Manulife

However, it’s always best to inquire further with your specific health plan provider as there are many different plans, even within the same company.

Will ICBC cover my kinesiology visits if I’ve been in a car accident?

Yes! As of April 1, 2019, ICBC now covers 12 approved visits with a registered kinesiologist if you’ve been in a recent motor vehicle accident. If further visits beyond these initial 12 sessions are required, then your kinesiologist can fill out an extension request form.

Which kinesiologist will I see?

We are fortunate to have Registered Kinesiologist Katherine Anderson practicing out of our Cobble Hill location at 1400 Cowichan Bay Road in the Valley View Centre. To learn more about Katherine and the ways she can help you then click HERE.

What will my first kinesiology appointment be like?

  • Appointments are approximately 1 hour in length
  • Your kinesiologist will conduct a thorough assessment so please come prepared in appropriate gym attire
  • Your kinesiologist will share the details of your assessment with you, including any particularly weak or tight muscles
  • Your kinesiologist will then work with you to develop a detailed exercise plan
  • Your kinesiologist will instruct the key movements in each exercise and watch you perform them, providing feedback where necessary

What can I expect at follow-up kinesiology appointments?

  • Your kinesiologist will chat with you to see how you’ve been finding the plan, specifically ensuring that you are enjoying it, and that you are feeling confident with both your exercises and goals
  • Your kinesiologist will lead you through your routine, providing encouragement, motivation, and easy to follow instructions
  • Your kinesiologist will take the time to help you correct any exercise techniques you are struggling with
  • You will be provided with a personalized at home program that allows you to keep your progress going
  • Regular follow up visits will be scheduled at times that work for you so that you can refine your program and keep progressing
  • Your kinesiologist will be available in appointments through e-mail or by phone for any questions or concerns you may have

How do I book my kinesiology appointment?

  • To setup an initial appointment you can call into our Cobble Hill office at 250-743-3833 or book online by clicking HERE.
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