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How We Are Changing the Way We Deliver Home Exercise Programs

How We Are Changing the Way We Deliver Home Exercise Programs

With this new reality of social distancing, we have adapted to now using TELEHEATH to conduct some of our physiotherapy sessions. You can learn more about that by clicking here  AND  here . However, this has also meant we’ve had to change the way we prescribe home exercises. We are proud to announce that we have landed on an option that will be an upgrade and an improvement, not only for our telehealth patients… but even for our in clinic patients. This program is called Physitrack and we’ll highlight how it works and its features below:
Physitrack - Physio in Your Home

How It Works…

Creation of FREE account

Physitrack links seamlessly with our electronic medical records (EMR) and scheduling software provider, Jane App. This allows us to easily create a FREE  account for each of our patients in a matter of seconds. After this is done by your physiotherapist, you will be sent an e-mail notification from Physitrack with details on how to login.
Your Personalized Exercise Program

Your Personalized Exercise Program

Your physiotherapist also has their own separate Physitrack account, specifically for clinicians. This will allow your physiotherapist to use the Physitrack software to set up a specific, personalized exercise program just for you. After they set this up, you will receive an e-mail with a personalized access code which can be used to view your program.


Its Features…

Physitrack Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos

For each exercise that your physiotherapist provides, you will have access to a high quality video with audio instructions from a commentator that shows and explains exactly how to do your exercise with proper technique. No more stick figure drawings from your physiotherapist! What’s even better, is that if you forget how to do the exercise, you can quickly return to the video to review it and make sure you’re on the right track.

Activity Tracking

For each exercise your physiotherapist will prescribe a certain number of repetitions and sets to perform. We can even select if the exercise should be done daily or only on certain days. All of this information will be visible for each exercise. What’s even better, is that there is a feature that we can enable so that you can even record how many repetitions you are doing. There is even an option for you to record pain levels during certain exercises.
Physitrack App Activity Tracking

An App you Can Take Anywhere

Physitrack has a free app that you can download on  Apple   or   Android  smartphones called PhysiApp. This gives you mobile access to your exercise program anywhere you go so you can view the videos, see the sets and reps, and even record your progress as you go.


Telehealth Sessions - Physio at Home

Easy to Use in Your TELEHEALTH Sessions

The other great feature is that we can easily “screen share” the Physitrack videos in your telehealth sessions with your physiotherapist. That’s because our Telehealth provider, JaneApp also links seamlessly with Physitrack. This will allow you to pose any questions to your physiotherapist about the exercises in real time. Your physiotherapist can screen share the exercise and then even watch you perform it right in your TELEHEALTH session.

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