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Glute Bridge Exercise

Glute Bridge Exercise

Registered Kinesiologist Martin Wardowicz explains the Glute Bridge exercise to help relieve lower back pain and strengthen your glutes especially if you sit for long periods each day.

The glute bridge is a common workout that most individuals struggle with.

The main objective of the workout is to activate your hamstrings, lower back, abs and specifically your glutes.

If you’re performing the bridge, and you struggle with lower back pain or something doesn’t feel right:

  • Avoid hyperextension of the spine, this is when you raise your hips too high and create an arch within the lower back.

  • Keep your head in a neutral position.

  • Load all your weight into your heels.

The goal with stronger glutes is to help reduce lower back pain and improve the biomechanics of your hips. You also want to prevent the development of gluteal amnesia, which is when your glutes forget how to activate properly. This is caused by excessive sitting and leads to lower back stress due to the shortening of the hip flexor and iliopsoas.

Make sure to watch the video over on our Facebook Page by clicking the image below and learn how to properly perform the glute bridge exercise.

Glute Bridge Exercise

Written By:

Martin Wardowicz | Thrive Now Physio

Martin Wardowicz

Registered Kinesiologist




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