GLA:D Program

We are now one of a select few clinics in all of BC to offer GLA:D® Canada exercise classes for those with hip or knee OA. Find out more about this progressive and evidence-based program by reading below!

What does GLA:D stand for?
GLA:D® is an exercise program, originally developed in Denmark, for those with hip or knee osteoarthritis. The Danish program was called "Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark" and abbreviated GLA:D®. 

GLA:D Program

What is the GLAD Program?
GLA:D® is an 8 week education and exercise program for those suffering with stiff or painful knees or hips, especially those with knee or hip osteoarthritis. Specifically, it involves:

  • 1 initial consultation of 30 minutes, one-on-one with a physiotherapist
  • 2 sixty minute group education sessions led by a physiotherapist
  • 12 sixty minute group exercise sessions, led by a physiotherapist and/or kinesiologist who is specially trained by GLA:D Canada

What makes the GLA:D program special?
The GLAD program was launched in Denmark in 2013. There have been over 30,000 people participate in the program since its inception. Several measurements for each participant have been taken both before and after the program. These results have shown a reduction in symptoms of 32%. Other outcomes include:

  • reduction in pain intensity
  • reduced use of joint related pain killers, and
  • fewer individuals on sick leave
  • delayed or prevention of surgery
  • increased levels of physical activity 12 months after the program

Since the launch in Canada in late 2016 the results have been very similar. This is by far the most well studied and researched exercise program for those with hip and knee OA. As a result, it has spread quickly and is being adopted by physiotherapists around the world.

GLAD Program is Unique
The other unique aspect of the GLAD program is that it has been designed with the input of individuals with OA and health care professionals experienced in treating people with OA. What was clear from both groups, was that both education and exercise was required and that it needed to be related to everyday activities. By focusing on both loading and unloading arthritic joints with exercise, participants train their bodies to complete functional, every day tasks properly. This helps prevent symptom progression and reduces pain.

WHEN and WHERE does it take place?
The first initial consultation is 30 minutes and will be at our Cobble Hill location. It can be scheduled by calling 250-743-3833

The next 14 sessions are held twice per week at Valley Health and Fitness, located in the same plaza as our clinic at 1400 Cowichan Bay Road.

The first 2 of these 14 sessions are group educational sessions and the remaining 12 sessions are 60 minute group exercise classes.

How much does it cost?

The initial assessment is $85.

The group education and exercise classes are $35 each

***The total cost for the 2 group, and 12 exercise classes is $490. Half of these fees, $245, will be collected at the first group education session. The remainder of the $245 will be collected after your 4th exercise class.

When does our next session start?

We will be only offering a limited number of spots, so please call our office at 250-743-3833 to learn about our updated session dates and book your spot!

Can I submit this as a "physiotherapy" session to my extended benefits?
YES! Because all sessions are either led by a physiotherapist, or by a kinesiologist working under specific delegation by a physiotherapist, they can be submitted to your extended benefits provider for reimbursement as part of your physiotherapy coverage.

Can Thrive Now Physio direct bill my insurance provider?
We direct bill the majority of extended benefit plans. At your initial visit, we can determine whether this is possible.

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