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You Don’t have to hit your head to Get a Concussion!


Do you think you may have, or know someone who has, a concussion?    There does not necessarily have to be a blow to the head, in order to suffer a concussion.   A sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head, for example in a fall to the ground or unexpectedly running into a stationary object, can cause the symptoms of a concussion.


The human brain is made up of millions of axons (basically nerves in the brain) that are the consistency of gelatin, encased by hard bone—your skull.  A sudden motion or stopping of the head can cause the brain to impact the bone, potentially resulting in damage or shearing to the axons.  This effect can lead to the onset of a wide variety of symptoms, we have collectively come to call a concussion.


Get a Concussion wihtouy hitting your head


If you have symptoms such as confusion, persistent headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, a “foggy” feeling, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to light or noise, uncontrolled emotions, following an incident as mentioned above, you may have sustained a concussion.


Post-concussion screening, using a standardized tool such as the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool – 5th Edition (also known as the SCAT5), is one method of assessing which areas of your brain has been affected in your concussion.    As no one concussion is ever the same, it is imperative for a speedy recovery to determine which areas of the brain need addressing.  That way, your rehabilitation can be individualized to your particular needs.


Most concussions will resolve relatively quickly—within a matter of days or weeks.   With a little knowledge, the majority of symptoms can be successfully managed, much the same as soft tissue injuries in the body.   Activities should be slowly resumed as tolerated.


If you, or someone you know, have concussion symptoms, it may be beneficial to get assessed by one of the physiotherapists at Thrive Now Physiotherapy that deals with concussions.


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