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Specialty Fees

CLINICAL CHART COPIES – Due upon receipt of records $110


Insurance/3rd Party Form $75

Completion of a form provided by a patient or third party, or a short factual report written for a lay person for a purpose unconnected with treatment.

Legal Report + Letters $200/hour

Full report, often for legal purposes, including referring doctor, symptoms, history, assessment findings, physiotherapy diagnosis, treatment, results, and present condition. This is a factual summary of information available on the case. If requested, it can offer a professional opinion as to prognosis of the clients condition. (Fees vary depending on complexity of case and length of treatment.)


Court Preparation $200/hourFull Day Court Testimony $1,000Half Day Court Testimony $500Retainer- to be paid upon scheduling of court time $500Telephone Consultation – billed in 15 minute increments $200/hour

*We require at least 2 weeks (14 days) notice to input changes into our schedules; this allows us to block off appointment times, or book for that given day. In the event that we clear our schedule to be available for court, and you find our services will not be needed less than 14 days prior to that date, your office will be charged for our time, according to the fees above.

*Travel time may be billed ($200/hr) in addition if distances are over 10 km; accommodation fees apply if required.

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