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FCAMPT Manual Therapy at Thrive Now

FCAMPT stands for “Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy.” CAMPT-Certified Physiotherapists have advanced training and clinical abilities in Orthopedic assessment as well as manual (hands-on) therapeutic treatment techniques.

Only some Physiotherapists in Canada are CAMPT-Certified Physiotherapists. CAMPT-Certified Physiotherapists are those who earn their FCAMPT designation by completing an internationally accredited Physiotherapy education program beyond the core university education required to become a Physiotherapist in Canada.

At Thrive Now, our co-owner, Vince Avery, is a Fellow of CAMPT! In addition to treating with specialized care, he provides FCAMPT mentorships to graduates looking to further their skills in physiotherapy.

Treatments by FCAMPT Physiotherapists

FCAMPT Physiotherapists use a combination of manual/hands-on techniques, and joint manipulation techniques to assist in treating patients with various musculoskeletal conditions throughout the body. Using a thorough clinical history and physical examination, FCAMPT clinicians combine manual techniques with education and exercises to individualize each client’s pathway through rehabilitation. 

What is Joint Manipulation?

Joint manipulation is a unique, high level, regulated skill that can help to reduce pain and improve movement and function. More specifically, joint manipulation is the application of a rapid force movement that helps to create space (or gapping) of a joint. The gapping created helps to change the firing pattern of pain nerves, allowing a person to experience less pain. Research has shown that manipulation therapy, in combination with other therapy components such as education and exercise, can help you return to pain-free living faster.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Dira McClintock
Dira McClintock
Friendly efficient staff. Appts are on time. I’ve only dealt with Patrick for physiotherapy but he knows his stuff, is thorough, honest and kind.
Jarred van de Mortel
Jarred van de Mortel
Tim was very knowledgeable and took the time to really get to know what was going on with my injuries. Tim knew what was up with my shoulder and worked very hard to produce the results I was hoping for when I made my massage therapy appointment. I will definitely be coming back!
Cindy Wilson
Cindy Wilson
Very helpful. Zeroed in on my specific problem.
Marija Majdoub
Marija Majdoub
Tim is a first class massage therapist. Amazing work on my nagging back and neck injury.
Jonathan Steen
Jonathan Steen
Great experience with Rebecca today, very good massage therapist!
Charlotte Germaine
Charlotte Germaine
Jessica Goodwin was very knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their pelvic floor health.

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    Send us a brief message describing your needs, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.