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Do I need a new Mattress?

Do I need a new Mattress?

Are you waking up sore in the morning and do you have that nagging feeling that you need a new mattress? Buying a mattress is a big investment and this is just a few considerations to think about when you make the purchase. These are the things to consider :

  1. How old is my mattress – mattresses last about 10 years so it may go longer but if you are sore on it then maybe its time to buy.
  2. Always invest in one with a 3 month or longer full return policy – it takes about a month to work out if this is the mattress for you so make sure you can change it. Most companies understand this and have long return policies.
  3. Consider your body shape – are you pear shaped , straight up and down or wider at the shoulders than the waist? Pear shaped and wider at the shoulders need a softer bed to allow wider parts to sink in, cylindrical need a harder bed.
  4. If you share a bed consider putting a topper on a hard bed which will give you the best of both worlds


Do i need a new mattress ?

When choosing a bed

Take someone with you – lie on the bed on your side and get the other person to check the position of your spine. A good bed for you allows you to rest with the spine (bumps down the back of your back) parallel to the mattress.

And if you think your Mattress is the cause of your back pain – try another bed! At this time of the year sleeping on your mother-in -Laws bed may be much better than yours – Time to get a new mattress!

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