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Cowichan Valley Orthotics

On Wednesday evenings, we have Dave Troughton in office to offer services for FootMaxx orthotics. New clients will require a 30 minute appointment time, and any followups for adjustments or concerns only 15 minutes.

Dave uses a computer based program complete with "step pad" to get accurate measurements that are sent directly to the manufacturer. Note- Blue Cross clientele will have plaster castings done as is the company's preferred method, and those will be mailed to the manufacturer.

Clientele will need to have a GP referral for reimbursement purposes. You will be required to have a deposit of half the total cost when your orthotics are ordered and the remainder is due upon receipt of your orthotics.

You will receive a Cowichan Valley Orthotics receipt once full payment is received for submission purposes, along with a biomechanical gait analysis and if required, the Blue Cross Fabrication and Casting Form.

  • Dave Troughton is the owner of Cowichan Valley Orthotics.
  • FootMaxx is the company used for the orthotics he provides.
  • Cowichan Valley Orthotics rents office space from our clinic, so we are able to book your appointments for assessments.
  • Dave is here for clientele on Wednesday evenings starting at 5:30 pm.
    - All assessments are booked in 30 minute timeslots.
    - Any followup concerns or alterations need to be discussed with Dave at an appointment.
    - These are booked in 15 minute timeslots.

Orthotic Fees

Full Fee: Clients with Insurance $400.00
Clients without Insurance $350.00
2nd pair of orthotics: ordered within 1 year of 1st pair $200.00
Assessment only: $ 60.00
New Product- Maxximum Orthotic $450.00

Warranty and Returns Information

Orthotics module - Lifetime warranty- against crackling, splitting, or breaking under normal wear and tear (module only)

Orthotic Top Cover- 6 months - against wearing through and delamination

Return Policy
30 day trial period- from time you are contacted to pick up orthotics

  • If you are not satisfied with your orthotics you can return* your orthotics for a refund
    minus the $60.00 assessment fee
    * orthotics must be returned within 30 days of being contacted to pick up your orthotics.

Orthotics Modifications

0-3 months from being contacted to pick up orthotics No charge
4-12 months from being contacted to pick up orthotics $45.00
13-24 months from being contacted to pick up orthotics $75.00
25+ months from being contacted to pick up orthotics $200.00

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