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Jaw Pain Relief | Thrive Now Physio

Jaw Pain Relief

Jaw Pain Relief Have you been recently experiencing some pain in your jaw? Is it accompanied by a painful, clicking sound? Have you been finding that your mouth doesn’t seem to open as wide as it once did and that this has been restricting which foods you can eat? If the answer is yes to…

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The Great Posture Myth

The Great Posture Myth What if I told you that slouching is ok? What if I told you it might even be helpful? You’d probably call me crazy, alert the posture police and I’d be thrown out of the physiotherapy profession quicker than those fluorescent shorts Richard Simmons used to wear. This flies in the…

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The Dangers of Sitting | Thrive Now Physio

The Dangers of Sitting!

There are many studies now that show sitting can have a negative impact on our health.  Some are even saying “sitting is the new smoking”. Not only can sitting affect our life span but it can also contribute to low back, pelvis and lower limb pain. The human body is quite an amazing mechanical operating system…

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Rotator Cuff Injuries & Rehab

The Rotator Cuff Explained!

Have you ever injured your Rotator Cuff?  This in one of the more common shoulder injuries I encounter on a daily basis.   I often find that my patients do not understand what the rotator cuff is, nor what it does in the shoulder joint—but they do understand that it hurts! To start with, the…

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Why living with pain isn’t always necessary

One in five British Columbians live with pain. Shocking, right? This statistic is being widely publicized by Pain BC, a not-for-profit group that is trying to help people battle chronic pain. I treat people in pain every day and I can say that I was honestly surprised by this stat. However, reflecting on the wide variety…

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