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Shoulder Stability Exercises to Help with Pain & Weakness | Thrive Now Physio

Shoulder Stability Exercises

The Shoulder Joint: The shoulder has a great range of motion, however, it can become quite unstable if not strengthened. It is a ball-and-socket joint that  allows for multiple planes of movement; flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation, external rotation, and circumduction. With the ability to perform all these movements, it’s no wonder why the…

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Glute Bridge Exercise

Glute Bridge Exercise Registered Kinesiologist Martin Wardowicz explains the Glute Bridge exercise to help relieve lower back pain and strengthen your glutes especially if you sit for long periods each day. The glute bridge is a common workout that most individuals struggle with. The main objective of the workout is to activate your hamstrings, lower…

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The Copenhagen Exercise

Copenhagen Exercise

The Copenhagen Exercise How it can be helpful to runners? Knee pain is a common problem for runners. This knee pain maybe caused by several different reasons. Including, weak muscles or muscle imbalances. Recently there has been lots of talk and focus on the hip abductors (eg. the glutes and tensor fasciae latae) and their…

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