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Everyday Stretches

Everyday Stretches Everyone can learn to stretch and should stretch everyday regardless of age or flexibility. Stretching does not require fancy equipment or a high level of athleticism and can be done anywhere. Whether you are old, young, sit at a desk all day, do construction work, or drive a delivery truck, the same principles…

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Hip Hike

Hip Hike The hip hike strengthens the hip abductors, which plays an important role in maintaining stability of the pelvis during activities such as walking or running. When these muscles are weak or poorly recruited, it can lead to a number of different issues including iliotibial band (IT band) pain and patellofemoral pain. The target…

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Hamstring Curl

Hamstring Curl The hamstring curl with ball roll in targets both the hamstrings and core. These are muscles that almost all of us could use some strengthening in especially if we spend a good portion of our days sitting or being sedentary. Weather you are already active, trying to increase your activity level or are…

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