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Do i need a new mattress ?

Do I need a new Mattress?

Do I need a new Mattress? Are you waking up sore in the morning and do you have that nagging feeling that you need a new mattress? Buying a mattress is a big investment and this is just a few considerations to think about when you make the purchase. These are the things to consider…

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The Great Posture Myth

The Great Posture Myth What if I told you that slouching is ok? What if I told you it might even be helpful? You’d probably call me crazy, alert the posture police and I’d be thrown out of the physiotherapy profession quicker than those fluorescent shorts Richard Simmons used to wear. This flies in the…

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Poor Posture: A Risk Factor For, Well, Everything

In physio school, students spend time studying specific risk factors for different conditions. For example, which risk factors (habits, behaviors, genetics, etc.) predispose a person to developing a shoulder injury? Posture became the running joke – we quickly learned that it could be added to the list of risk factors for virtually every condition. No…

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