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Everyday Stretches

Everyday Stretches Everyone can learn to stretch and should stretch everyday regardless of age or flexibility. Stretching does not require fancy equipment or a high level of athleticism and can be done anywhere. Whether you are old, young, sit at a desk all day, do construction work, or drive a delivery truck, the same principles…

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Why Should I Exercise? | Thrive Now Physio

Why Should I Exercise?

Why Should I Exercise? We have all heard that exercise has many positive effects on our health, but what does this actually mean? When most people hear “exercise is good for you” they think that it helps you lose weight and improves your fitness. Although these things are true, there are many mental, and physical…

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Running Warm Up Exercises

Running Warm-up Exercises Fall is here and it is running season! With the cooler weather, less humidity, and less people outside. It makes it perfect time for running. Plus, this is the time of year when many marathons and races are held. Stay healthy and reduce your risk of injury by warming up prior to…

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