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What Is Holistic Nutrition?

What Is Holistic Nutrition ? Holistic Nutrition is an integrated approach to health and the study of using food, nutrients, lifestyle and environment therapeutically to help bring the body back to a place of balance and vitality. It embodies evolution, culture, science and lifestyle to understand the true nature of human beings and what we…

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Foods that fight pain and inflammation

The number of people I see in clinic who have not taken the anti-inflammatory and pain medication prescribed by their doctor is quite surprising. There seems to be a growing awareness of the side effects of medication, particularly for people with sensitive stomachs. Some people say they simply do not like taking medication. Whatever the…

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Eating for Recovery

I have been asked numerous times to give advice on how one should eat for recovery from either an injury or following orthopedic surgery. Physiotherapists are by no means dieticians or nutritionists, but I have a personal and professional interest in nutrition and have researched this topic heavily. Whether you are going in for a…

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