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Time Heals All Things… Or does it?

Every week I meet at least one new client that put off coming to physiotherapy for an injury. These clients will often say things like: “I thought it would get better on its own”, “It just doesn’t seem to want to heal”, “I’ve had injuries like this before that resolved without therapy” or even “I…

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Optimize Your Health

Rehabilitation from injury is a PARTNERSHIP.  Your physiotherapist works with you each session to ensure you make the best recovery possible, in the shortest amount of time.   We do this using a variety of treatment techniques (IMS, manual therapy, soft tissue release) but we also prescribe home exercises. These are a critical piece of…

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How does IMS work?

What is IMS? What does it stand for? How long has it been around? How would it help me? These are definitely some of the most frequent questions I get when I first suggest it as a treatment option to my patients. So, today, I’d like to briefly explain it to you in as straightforward a manner…

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Tight does not equal strong

Does your neck hurt? Does it feel tight too? This is probably the number one injury I see – neck pain caused by muscular tightness. It’s not surprising as there are plenty of different muscles located in your neck. These vary in size from large to small. I’d like to focus on just one of…

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