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Baseline Concussion Screening – 10 Things to Know

Baseline Concussion Screening Did you know Baseline Concussion Screening is now available at Thrive Now?  These baseline and post-injury tests are computerized assessments that measure Reaction Time, Memory Capacity, Speed of Mental Processing, and Executive Functioning of the brain. They also record baseline concussion symptoms and provide extensive information about a patients history with concussions.…

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Do i need a new mattress ?

Do I need a new Mattress?

Do I need a new Mattress? Are you waking up sore in the morning and do you have that nagging feeling that you need a new mattress? Buying a mattress is a big investment and this is just a few considerations to think about when you make the purchase. These are the things to consider…

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Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip Mobility Exercises Have you ever been told that you have “tight hips” or have you ever had a sensation that your hips feel “stuck”? Well, you’re not alone and good hip mobility is a critical component to any healthy lifestyle. Read more below to find out how a personal story lead me on a…

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