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Pelvic Health, It's not just about

Pelvic Health – It’s not just about Kegels

Pelvic Health – It’s not just about “Kegels” Let’s start with the basics, what do the pelvic floor muscles do? The pelvic floor muscles contract to prevent involuntary leakage with coughing, sneezing, or strain. They help in to control the passing of urine, gas, and bowel movements. They have an important role in sexual function…

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Jaw Pain Relief | Thrive Now Physio

Jaw Pain Relief

Jaw Pain Relief Have you been recently experiencing some pain in your jaw? Is it accompanied by a painful, clicking sound? Have you been finding that your mouth doesn’t seem to open as wide as it once did and that this has been restricting which foods you can eat? If the answer is yes to…

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The Great Posture Myth

The Great Posture Myth What if I told you that slouching is ok? What if I told you it might even be helpful? You’d probably call me crazy, alert the posture police and I’d be thrown out of the physiotherapy profession quicker than those fluorescent shorts Richard Simmons used to wear. This flies in the…

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