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To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

To Stretch or Not To Stretch?

To Stretch or Not to Stretch? depends! (most classic Physio thing to say) I’m not sure about your childhood, but I was raised on the idea that stretching before, during and after exercise was the elixir of muscular life, and that without stretching as part of my exercise and sporting routine, I was bound…

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Sciatic Nerve Stretches

How to SAFELY Stretch if you have Sciatica

How to SAFELY Stretch if you have Sciatica Stretches for Sciatica, safely – One of the most common things I see in our clinics are patients presenting with sciatica. Interestingly enough, this is not a diagnosis but rather a syndrome. A syndrome is a collection of symptoms (ie, pain, loss of strength, etc). A diagnosis…

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Baseline Concussion Screening | Thrive Now Physio

Baseline Concussion Screening – 10 Things to Know

Baseline Concussion Screening Did you know Baseline Concussion Screening is now available at Thrive Now?  These baseline and post-injury tests are computerized assessments that measure Reaction Time, Memory Capacity, Speed of Mental Processing, and Executive Functioning of the brain. They also record baseline concussion symptoms and provide extensive information about a patients history with concussions.…

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