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Viviana Ng

Certified Somatics, Pilates and Trauma Informed Yoga Practitioner

What can I do for you?

Do you ever feel like you need to stretch or workout but you are in too much pain to do so? Or maybe you are tired and would rather just stay in bed. Well, I have good news for you because you can! My solution to pain, tiredness,anxiety, trauma and grief is to listen to your body. Over the past 4 years I had gone through the exact same feeling and was not sure where to start and what to do. I have since then changed my 15 year career in the grueling culinary industry to become a Certified Somatics, Pilates and Trauma Informed Yoga Practitioner.

I had a career as a chef until I inherited some lovely injuries, I never seemed to fully recover. I was in constant pain so for the longest time, I lived with it thinking it was normal. It got to the point where I couldn't do all the activities that I love to do like rock climbing and sports. Everything was stiff and sore, eventually I had to stop working. A few years ago I lost 7 people, 2 of them being family members. I went through depression, anxiety and suffered through chronic pain all at the same time. I was scared, and felt lost. I didn't think things were going to pick up for me. It took a lot of support and time to bring my mental health back on track. My husband suggested yoga, so I tried a few times and didn't love it. I didn't know anything about yoga but decided to try another kind of yoga (somatics) it stuck with me.

How else can I help you?

What is Somatics:
I'd like to say that it's just awesome and you’ll have to try it! Somatics is if you can imagine a sloth doing yoga. Its slow and its mindful movements. Somatics can be done anywhere and anytime and is perfect for recovering from an injury. Somatic Yoga works directly with the nervous system to release chronic muscular tension, relieve chronic pain, and improve posture and mobility. The exercises are slow and gentle allowing the brain to reconnect with the muscle movements.

Somatics invites you to prevent, alleviate and recover from many injuries and common conditions such as chronic muscle and joint pain, disc problems, sciatica, scoliosis, rounded posture, plantar fasciitis, temporomandibular joint disorder, and the list keeps going.

Somatic movements are not the same thing as stretching. You will be gently contracting and then very slowly releasing your muscles. Somatics should be relaxing and comfortable, and nothing should be forced. The movements are very slow and gentle. If you do experience any pain or discomfort, you can make the movement smaller, or you can adjust your position, or you can choose not to do the movement at all.

Somalates: (Somatics and Pilates)
Are you missing a way to workout while you are injured or maybe you want to grate cheese using your core? In this session you will be combining somatic movements with strengthening pilate exercises working your core and legs, followed by a relaxing meditation.

Hips and Back Flow: 
Geared towards massaging and releasing tension in all the fun areas, especially the hips and back! Flowing through a sequence of movements and strengthening your core and legs. This class is suitable for athletes and runners.

Couples Yoga Flow:
Enjoy a fun workout with your partner. This class is suitable for beginners and is an all levels class. We will start the class with meditation and breathing techniques as we make our way to flowing and balancing postures.

Soma Massage:
This very enjoyable session you will be working with a back massager and yoga bolster while doing Somatics. As you practice breathing and meditation to releasing tension and stress of your mind and body.

Chair & Limited Space Yoga:
Open to anybody with injuries or mobility challenges. This Class will provide you with gentle movements encouraging your body to recover. We will learn breathing techniques and meditation as well as massaging the feet with a ball and using theraband to provide comfort as we stretch the legs.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I never stop moving, my husband complains I fidget too much. I love staying active and being outdoors in nature camping, hiking, exploring the island. If I am not teaching you will most likely find me sewing custom made yoga props, or enjoying a nice home cooked meal. I love Vancouver Island and look forward to sharing the benefits of yoga with you! 

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