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Stacey Blanchet

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​Stacey Blanchet

​Registered Physiotherapist
Manual Therapy
Dry Needling
Medical Acupuncture


What can I do for you?

​It is my belief that every person has the ability to optimize their own physical well being. I will provide you with the guidance that is often required. I understand the importance of addressing not just the issue itself, but rather the whole person to determine the presence of other contributing factors. Too often the focus of treatment is only the location of pain, while the causative factors are overlooked. This results in recurring pain and repeated treatment for the same issue. During your initial visit we will set meaningful goals; whether you are a competitive athlete wanting to optimize performance, involved in recreational sports and wanting to prevent recurring pain or injury or maybe you have balance or mobility concerns that are negatively impacting your daily activities. Together we will achieve these goals.

How else can I help you?

​Over the past decade I have worked with a wide variety of patients including competitive and recreational athletes, pre and post operative management, people experiencing dizziness, infants and children with injury or developmental concerns and everything in between. My dedication to continuing education means I am able to provide you with high quality treatment that is up to date and evidence based. I have trained extensively in manual therapy, including spinal and peripheral mobilization or manipulation and muscle techniques, therefore I am able to assess and effectively treat musculoskeletal disorders using a hands on approach. However it is not all about what I can do for you in the treatment room. I provide thorough education so you leave with the tools and self confidence required to manage your symptoms.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

​Born and raised in British Columbia, I have lived and worked across Canada as a Physiotherapist, from the east coast to the far north and now back to the province that has always held my heart. My background includes paddling at an international level and I am so excited to immerse myself in the activities that living near the ocean and stunning lakes provides. In spare time I am most often found with my husband chasing our two young children around parks, trails or out on the lake we are so fortunate to call home. I am a coffee shop addict and currently enjoying the hunt for the islands best espresso

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