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Ryan Koo

​Ryan Koo

Registered Physiotherapist

What can I do for you?

​When pain strikes, it can often be both worrying and confusing. My approach to physiotherapy is centred around helping clients properly understand their injury and its underlying causes, both of which are paramount to successful treatment. In order to gain a better understanding of your condition, you can expect me to take a detailed history, and perform a thorough analysis of your body mechanics. I will then work with you to find a personalized solution to help alleviate your pain, allow you to move with more ease, and ultimately get you back to doing what you love.

How else can I help you?

​I like to use a multi-modal approach to physical therapy, which involves using a combination of various soft tissue techniques, electrophysical modalities, and manual therapy to help reduce inflammation, loosen up tight muscles, and free up restricted joints.  
Additionally, I have an extensive background in therapeutic exercise, and will provide you with a home exercise program that will allow you to become self-sufficient at treating yourself at home, and prevent future recurrences of your injury.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

​I was born and raised in the Lower Mainland, and have only recently moved here to the Vancouver Island. As a former competitive tennis player, I enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle, and you may find me either training hard at the gym, or exploring the local trails in my spare time. I still have so much of this beautiful island to explore, so please don’t hesitate to suggest any island must-do’s for me to put on my bucket list!

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