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​Martin Wardowicz

​Registered Kinesiologist​​

What can I do for you?

​​My passion is movement! I believe that mastering fundamental movements will significantly decrease the chances of injury and will allow you to continue with your favorite activities for years to come. The body is an instrument that allows us to function with daily activities, and if taken for granted, these activities can be difficult to execute. With my programs, even the most basic workouts can be fun and challenging. I will also ensure that each program is tailored to your specific goals.

How else can I help you?

​Are you someone that is seeking to improve in sports? Do you want your knee to stop bugging you each time you squat? Do you have a goal of lifting heavy weights? Having experience in all of these areas, I can help you. I have a diverse background in health and wellness from volunteering at G.F. Strong rehabilitation centre, to personal training for over 8 years, and specializing in athletic performance with well-known clubs - Burnaby Winter Club ice hockey, Coquitlam Reds baseball team, Fraserview Golf Club.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

​My parents are from Poland and they moved to Germany to find work. When I was born in Buchholz Germany in 1990, my parents were forced out of the city because they only had a polish citizenship, and during that time Germany didn’t recognize Poland as part of the EU . Thankfully a polish church sponsored my parents, which allowed them to migrate to Vancouver Canada.

I enjoy every sport and have a very competitive nature. I completed a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from the University of British Columbia hoping to further my education with a masters of physiotherapy.

My perspective on rehabilitation and the rate at which the human body recovers shifted significantly after I was involved in a traumatic car accident in 2017. As an active 27 year-old at the time, I felt as though my fitness and health levels had peaked. Although the accident left my vehicle totalled, I was fortunate enough to have walked away relatively unharmed. However, the following day I began to feel pain throughout my body, which led to a decline in my mental health. Suddenly I was less enthusiastic, optimistic and lacked the ambition that had been a driving force in my life. I struggled to accept this new reality and to re-learn performing basic movements with the help of a registered massage therapist, physiotherapist and chiropractor. Although I was making progress, my recovery was slower than I had hoped. Feeling impatient and frustrated, my ability to concentrate on work and my studies was also negatively affected. Fortunately, my therapists had faith in my ability to recover and their guidance taught me how to shift into an optimistic mindset. This experience taught me to not take my body for granted and that each body is unique and varies in the process of healing. This is why my techniques and practices have transitioned into movement therapy, which involves the individual to connect with their body first before lifting any weights.

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