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Brooklyn Belanger

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​Brooklyn Belanger

​Clinical Holistic Nutritionist

What can I do for you?

I am Clinical Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for integrating science and lifestyle to elevate your health and wellbeing. Everyone eats, every day, and what we choose to put in our bodies determines a lot about our health. I truly believe proper diet is at the core of our healing and wellbeing. I am here to help you understand your unique body and the best way to fuel it for your unique needs. It is my job to help you understand your symptoms and the best course of action to resolving your health concerns from the root cause. I have always used a functional approach which involves looking at the human body and its surroundings as the whole. I will work with you to create a plan that fits where you are at right now, to get you to where you wanna be.

How else can I help you?

I look through a broad scope of knowledge to assess what will be the best course of action for you. I have training in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Western Herbal medicine and Science of Nutrition. On top of being a nutritionist I am a recipe creator! I am able to create meal plans for any specific dietary needs as well as lifestyle requirements. I know that the world of nutrition can be confusing and healthy eating can feel overwhelming. For this reason I also provide full grocery store tours to help you understand how to shop for your new lifestyle.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I have a beautiful little boy and I grew up right here on the Island. I am so happy to now be raising my own family in this area. I studied nutrition at the most comprehensive on site nutrition school in North America. I have a special love for brain and mental health, pregnancy and child nutrition. You’ll likely find me outdoors, in the garden, swimming in the ocean or listening to podcasts! I am an open book, help me to help you!!

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