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Our 7 Step Guarantee!

We'll either figure out what's wrong with you and get it dealt
with in the fewest number of sessions possible,


We'll quickly let you AND your physician know that your issue may
be more serious and require further medical testing.

If that sounds too good to be true, then we invite you to read below
and learn of the 7 ways we will Guarantee it:​

  1. You'll be warmly greeted by professional and knowledgeable front desk staff.
    Your first interaction with our clinic will be our front desk staff. They will smoothly explain how the clinic works and answer any questions you may have. They will also work with you to try and find appointments that easily fit into your schedule.
  2. Everyone has busy lives nowadays and we value your time.
    No one likes having to wait beyond their scheduled appointment with a professional. We will guarantee that you will be seen within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, or you will receive a 50% discount on your visit.
  3. We won't shuffle in between rooms; you'll be the primary patient.
    Your initial consultation will last 45 minutes and followup treatment sessions will last 30 minutes and will take place in a private, individualized treatment room. Having this much time allows us to do a thorough assessment and be confident we have correctly identified the source of your injury.
  4. We will thoroughly explain your condition and involve you in the treatment planning.
    After our detailed physical examination of your body, we will arrive at a working theory as to why you're injured. We will then thoroughly explain this and discuss possible treatment options with you. You will begin a course of treatment that both you and your physiotherapist feel will benefit you the best.
  5. We will let your family physician know quickly when you need additional imaging and consults.
    Our therapists all have many years of experience and several advanced, post-graduate certifications. This allows them to easily determine if your condition is treatable or something more serious that may require further medical investigation. As a result of our accuracy in screening for these more serious issues, we have a great relationship with the local physicians and surgeons. We'll let them know as soon as we figure out you may need imaging and consults.
  6. We will provide you with clear instructions for home exercises so you can take control of your own recovery:
    Knowing what you can do to help yourself in between sessions is crucial to your successful recovery. In order to facilitate this, your physiotherapist will provide easy to follow, written home exercises. Also, we'll make sure that you are aware of any postures or activities that you may need to modify in order to speed up your recovery.
  7. We'll educate you on what to watch out for to prevent flare-ups and to know when you may require a "tune-up" visit.
    Nearing the end of your course of treatments, your therapist will educate you about things you may need to do at home to ensure that you stay symptom-free. In the event your symptoms return, your therapist will give you guidelines to know if and when you may need one or two "tune-up" visits.
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